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Timely notifications. Learned many more things bcz of ovulation calculator. It helps to identify the day of ovulation and much more. Thanks..*
Review of OvulationCalculator.com

by Carolina on
October 13, 2017
Helped me keep better track of ovulation times, and helped me pay more attention to the signs my body gave during and before ovulation.*
Review of OvulationCalculator.com

by Ashley on
October 17, 2017
After using for two months, I'm pregnant. The information learned from this app has helped me tremendously.*
Review of OvulationCalculator.com

by Michelle on
October 03, 2017

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Why use an Ovulation Calculator?

Our Ovulation Calculator quickly works out when you are ovulating during your fertile window. Ovulation is when the egg is released from your ovary and can only be fertilized in the smallest of windows each cycle.

We do the Accurate Calculating for You!

The general rule of thumb of when you’re ovulating is your average cycle length (start of one period to the day before the next period) minus your luteal phase (the phase after ovulation until the day before your next period). Ovulation happens before the luteal phase, so if most women have a luteal phase of 14 days, they ovulate 15 days before their next period.

Varying Factors

However, there are many varying factors which can affect ovulation, for instance;

Confused Already?

I would be. This is why you need to use our Ovulation Calculator. Our system accurately predicts when you are ovulating by taking into consideration the hundreds of variables alongside all of your own personal information.

We call this “Predictive Intelligence” and it will determine when you’re most fertile as well as letting you know the best two days to have sex for conception.

How to Know When You're Ovulating Naturally

We recently wrote an extensive piece on “How To Know When You’re Ovulating Naturally” through the 12 signs and symptoms your body gives you each cycle. Some are more noticeable than others so we strongly suggest you read this to give you the best chance of understanding your body.

Fact is; Knowing when you ovulate is only one part of what you need to know. You need to know when the two best days to have sex are during your fertile window. This is the key to increasing the chances of getting pregnant. Find your two best days out now

What's the benefit of tracking your cycle?

In a recent survey, only 31% of respondents knew when they ovulated. I guess, it’s something we don’t think about, or worry ourselves about until we are ready to start conceiving. The challenge with this though, is that it can put us back a few months. Understanding your menstrual cycle and your body will significantly increase your odds of conception.

For instance, women who have irregular cycles find it more difficult to get pregnant than those who have regular cycles. If you have irregular cycles, it’s a good idea to seek further help about how you can regulate them. Our bodies love routine.

By tracking your cycle and understanding your body’s patterns and indicators (like cervical mucus and your cervix position) you will most likely be able to predict ovulation by yourself giving you greater control.

Take control of your fertility and use Ovulation Calculator to make accurate predictions of when you are ovulating!

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