Cramping Pain During or After Ovulation?

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Philip Druce

By Philip Druce, Founder of Ovulation Calculator

When you are trying to conceive, every ache and pain is put under the microscope. Could it mean you are pregnant? Is something wrong?

In reality, many of the feelings you will have during your cycle are completely natural and they were probably even present long before you were trying to conceive - they are just much more noticeable now.

But what about cramping 1 day after ovulation, or even 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 days after ovulation? Is that a normal part of your cycle or an indication of pregnancy?

We asked 9,670 women if they experienced any pain during or after ovulation that felt like cramping and 50% said yes. See the survey results below.

Cramping pain survey

There are over 3 million cases of ovulation pain each year in the US.

If you are trying to conceive, it's important to get the timing right. Luckily that's what Ovulation Calculator does. Learn when you ovulate by clicking here.

Ovulation and Mittelschmerz

Cramping pain during ovulation affects about 20% of women. Some women experience very painful ovulation.

Here's what happens. The follicle (capsule containing the egg) is surrounded by follicular fluid in the ovary. When you ovulate, the egg, fluid and some blood are released from the follicle and ovary.

Causes of ovulation pain

There are a few theories as to what causes this pain;

Ovulation pain cause by theories

The pain is referred to as mittelschmerz, which comes from the German words for "middle" and "pain." As this phenomenon describes a pain that occurs in the middle of the cycle, the name makes perfect sense. Contrary to popular belief, the presence of mittelschmerz in a cycle does not indicate pregnancy. It simply indicates ovulation.

However, there is one important distinction. Mittelschmerz occurs during ovulation. This is normally about 15 days before your next period, depending on your cycle and luteal phase length. If you are tracking your cycle closely, have never experienced pain or cramping during ovulation, and are certain that your cramping occurred after ovulation, it may be an indication that you are pregnant (more on this below).

Mittelschmerz affects 1 in 5 women and is most common between the age of 14 and 40.

Mittelschmerz age affects

We've made a list of 20 ways to increase your fertility - make sure you read #18

Ovulation pain symptoms

A pain on one side of your lower abdomen and pelvic area that occurs about 15 days before your next period is due.

Cramping pain symptoms

The pain can be described as a sharp and sudden abdominal pain or a dull and cramping like pain. In some cases the pain can be severe, but it is usually mild. Most women experience the pain for a short period of time (a few minutes to a few hours), but for some women the pain can last days (two to three days).

Scientists, researchers and doctors cannot explain why some women experience this pain and others don't. It could simply boil down to genetics.

The pain can be agonizing for some women and can be confused for appendicitis. This pain will only stop occurring at menopause.


Treatment is not normally needed as the pain is not harmful. However, for severe cases of ovulation pain, it's recommended women take pain relievers that you can get over-the-counter.

Cramping pain treatment

Cramping AFTER ovulation

Most women ovulate about 14 to 16 days before the start of their period. If you are closely monitoring your cycle and the signs of ovulation, you should know when you are ovulating.

Cramping pain after ovulation

If you experience cramping after ovulation, it is possible that you are feeling the effects of implantation. About 20% of pregnant women report that they feel cramping after ovulation. This is a very positive sign that you may be pregnant, but please understand that not all women experience cramping at implantation. So if you do not feel cramps after ovulation, you could still be pregnant. Take the Implantation Bleeding or Period Quiz.

Other causes of cramping after ovulation

Pregnancy is the most common reason why women experience cramps after ovulating, but that uncomfortable feeling could be due to other things. A menstrual period causes cramps in most women, and although you are not likely to get your period so close to ovulation, it is possible. If you are cramping from your period, though, you should see normal period symptoms follow soon after the uncomfortable feeling sets in.

Endometriosis is another possible yet uncommon cause of cramping that could occur after ovulation. So, if you are experiencing cramping after ovulation and it is not a pregnancy or your menstrual period, you may want to schedule a visit to your gynecologist. Endometriosis can be a painful condition that may interfere with your ability to conceive, so it is important to involve your doctor early on if you think this may be a problem.

Other ovulation symptoms

Cramping pain is just one of 12 ovulation signs.

Knowing when you ovulate will greatly increase your chances of pregnancy
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  1. Andi Jul 26, 2016
    I just finished my period on July 23 had sex on the 24, on mon the 25 I started to have really bad cramps through out the day. Now today tues 26 mid afternoon. I starting to have cramps again. Could I be ovulating early? Why would cramps happen after my period. Has anyone had cramps right after you period? Please let me know you thoughts.
    1. Shaqalia: I stopped taking birth control in July. I had unprotected sex on the 16th of August, but two days before took the plan B pill because I had sex that day also. My period came on the 20th then off on the 26 of August. It came back on on September 4th-8th. I've been having pains on both sides of my abdomen and headaches. Can you explain why?! - (Sep 14, 2016)
  2. Dsanjeevkumar9 Jul 27, 2016
    How many days should you have sex before your period?
    1. Sarah (OC Team): It depends on the many factors such as your cycle length and luteal phase etc. You can use Ovulation Calculator to see your most fertile days. - (Jul 27, 2016)
  3. Shannon Jul 29, 2016
    I had a period on July 11 2016. I had sex on the 19th and the 25th my period is so messed up I'm not sure when I ovulate, my cramps are in my lower abs area it hurts. My question is I have one tube due to an ectopic in 2012 so I can't tell when I ovulate so could that be ovulation or pregnancy or period? I have had 3 kids but never felt this before to the point I'm bent over when it hurts.
    1. Sarah (OC Team): If you know when you ovulated it would be easier to work out if it was mittelschmerz or not. I understand that you said you're not sure when you ovulate, so it's hard to know. Can you have a look at this post and see if you had any of the other 12 signs of ovulation: - (Jul 29, 2016)
    2. Claire: Shannon, I have been with my partner for 13 years and no protection. Nothing happened for 9 years. Then I downloaded an app on my phone called ovia fertility. Now I have 2 children and hopfully number 3 on the way ...all thanks to this little app. Hope this helps. Good luck! xxx - (Aug 09, 2016)
    3. Christina (OC Team): Technology has made amazing strides in helping women conceive, and fertility apps are no exception. :) One thing that stands out about Ovulation Calculator is that it updates whenever new data is logged, so it will become more and more accurate as you use it (unlike others that stay the same). Good luck to you, Claire and Shannon! - (Aug 09, 2016)
  4. Frances Jul 31, 2016
    I had my period on the 14 of July 2016 and I had HSG on the 25th of July 2016. My ovulation was on the 28th of this month and I am feeling cramping. Is this normal?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Cramping during ovulation (mittelshmerz) is normal for many women. You can expect it to subside by the time you have finished ovulating. Some cramping is also normal after the HSG procedure, but if you are still experiencing cramps days later, you should consult your doctor. - (Jul 31, 2016)
  5. Jennifer Aug 06, 2016
    Can a person get pregnant if she has uprotected sex six days after her period? Her cycle is 27
    1. Kayla: Yes. You usually ovulate around that time. I had sex 9 days after my period and got pregnant. It just all depends on your menstrual cycle. - (Sep 01, 2016)
  6. Unknown Aug 06, 2016
    I menstruated on the 24th of July and had sex on the 1st of August. Can I be pregnant because I have a 28 day cycle?
    1. Christina (OC Team): It's difficult to accurately estimate ovulation based on your cycle alone because cycles do vary. If you weren't tracking ovulation and are unsure when you had your fertile window, it is possible. For example, if you ovulated on the 6th, the 1st would have been the first day of your fertile window. - (Aug 06, 2016)
  7. Janey Aug 09, 2016
    I had my period on the 31st of July. My cycle is 24 days, so I was supposed to start ovulating on the 5th. Today I feel cramps. Could I be pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): If your fertile window began on the fifth, you may now be experiencing cramping from ovulation. A woman's fertile window is six days, leading up to and including ovulation. - (Aug 09, 2016)
    2. Janey: Hi, My back still aches but now its on the left side - (Aug 12, 2016)
  8. Enono Aug 10, 2016
    I menstruated on the 25th of July, and I have had sex on the1st, 2nd and 3rd of August. Can I be pregnant? My cycle is 24 days.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Most women ovulate within 12-16 days of the end of their cycle (next period). So the dates you mentioned were likely in your fertile window. Having sex in your fertile window makes pregnancy a possibility. However, the only way you can know for sure if you were ovulating would be to look for signs. Here is an article abut tracking cervical mucus and position changes And here is an article to help you track your basal body temperature - (Aug 10, 2016)
  9. Hiphe Aug 12, 2016
    I had my period on the 14th -18th of July, on the 27th of July I had sex, and on the 12th of August I started having cramps in my right pelvis. It was followed by bloody discharge, but not flowing as my normal period. Please what is happening?
    1. Christina (OC Team): You didn't mention your cycle length, but it sounds like this could either be a period or implantation bleeding. Have a look at this article to see the differences - (Aug 12, 2016)
  10. Jackie Aug 16, 2016
    I had my period on the 2nd of August. I had intercourse on the 11th and 12th of August. On my tracker, it says my most fertile days were on the 10th-15th. I started ovulating the 15th. What is the chances of me being pregnant? I'm feeling cramps...
    1. Christina (OC Team): If you ovulated on the 15th and had sex on the 11th and 12th, you were within your fertile window and have a chance to conceive in this cycle. Are you tracking ovulation in any other way? I'd recommend checking out these articles: & for more info. If you just entered your fertile window on the 15th, you would ovulate on the 20th and the cramping could be from ovulation. It may sound complicated, but once you start tracking the signs, it will all make sense. Good luck! - (Aug 17, 2016)
    2. Jackie: My fertile window was the 10th-15th (from what my app says) and I ovulated the 16th. I had intercourse on the 10th-12th. - (Aug 17, 2016)
  11. Kay Aug 18, 2016
    Hello, I had my last period on July 29th and it's 14 days late from my previous period. I'm tracking my periods. I have a 32-day cycle, and today, August 18, I have cramping on only one side. Does that mean I'm ovulating? We are TTC.
    1. Christina (OC Team): The best way to track ovulation is to track your BBT (info here: and log your results here. - (Aug 18, 2016)
  12. Joan Aug 20, 2016
    My cycle is 28 days. I usually experience some pain in my anus during ovulation which I confirmed through ovulation tracking. However, since about 4 days after ovulation, I have been experiencing mild cramps for about 5 days now. What could this be pointing to?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Light spotting and cramping after ovulation could be a sign of implantation. Have a look at this article to learn more - (Aug 20, 2016)
  13. Cndy Aug 20, 2016
    I had my period start on August 7, 2016. It ended August 11th 2016. I took an ovulation test on the 19th of August. I was ovulating. I had intercorse on the 17th and the 19th. Now one day later I'm cramping. What could be happening? Could I be pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): One DPO is early for implantation. Have a look at this article to learn more - (Aug 21, 2016)
  14. Amanda Aug 21, 2016
    I started ovulating from the 15-22 and I had sex 17-18-20-21-22. Today I have cramping like my period. My period cramps are pretty bad. Could I be implanting or is it nothing?
    1. Christina (OC Team): If the actual date of ovulation was the 22nd (today), your cramping is more likely due to ovulation. Have a look at this article to learn more about implantation bleeding and timing. Good luck! - (Aug 22, 2016)
  15. Porsha Aug 22, 2016
    I started ovulating on August 20th and I started having dull cramps and pain above my right hip the next day. It's still hurting now. Am I Pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): You're in what's known as the "two week wait" now. You can test on the 3rd, but you may want to have a look at this article for information on implantation in the meantime. Good luck! - (Aug 22, 2016)
  16. Jemma Aug 24, 2016
    Me and my boyfriend had sex 1 day before my ovulation day on the 21st of August 2016. Now, 3 days later, I've got mild stomach cramps. Could I be pregnant? They are like period pains but I'm not due for my period for a week and a half.
    1. Christina (OC Team): 2 days past ovulation is early for implantation cramping. Have a look at this article to learn more - (Aug 24, 2016)
  17. Sarah Aug 24, 2016
    My periods are very irregular. I had a period July 19-23 and then again Aug 11-16. So I have a 23 day cycle, but I'm unsure of my ovulation date. My period tracker said August 17-22. Can you help me with this?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Log your dates into your account here to get a prediction. Then, use another method to track ovulation and log your results here. Your prediction accuracy should increase. Here is one way to track ovulation: Good luck! - (Aug 25, 2016)
  18. Thandy Aug 25, 2016
    Hi, my period was on the 12 -14th of August. Me and my hubby had sex on the 16-21-22. Now on the 25th, I started feeling cramps in my back and my lower abdomen. Could it be ovulation?
    1. Christina (OC Team): It depends on the length of your cycle, but it sounds like ovulation is a possibility. - (Aug 25, 2016)
  19. Phindile Aug 27, 2016
    Hi! My husband and I are trying to conceive. My period was on the 8th-12th and I ovulated on the 21st-25th. Now I am having cramps in my abdomen. I have a 28-day cycle. Could I be pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Have a look at this article about implantation: The process could cause cramping, but the timing seems early for implantation. You can confirm with a test on the 6th or 8th of September. Good luck! - (Aug 27, 2016)
  20. Felicia Aug 28, 2016
    Hi, I ovulated on the 22-25 August, and now I am having mild cramps. Could it be pregnancy?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Have a look at this article about implantation Good luck! - (Aug 28, 2016)
  21. Monica Aug 29, 2016
    Hello :)
    I ovulated on Aug 20-24 and had sex a few times during that time frame. I had mild to annoying cramps on my right side on the 27th that lasted for a couple of hours. I don't normally cramp mid-cycle. I'm wondering if it could be pregnancy? I have a 28 day cycle. Thank you.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Have a look at this article on implantation if you think this may be the cause. You can test on the 7th. Good luck! - (Aug 29, 2016)
  22. Mone Aug 29, 2016
    I ovulated from the 22nd-27th of August and had sex on 8/23/16. My ovulation day was 8/28/16. Now today, I'm having a lot of cramping and sharp pain on the right side only. What does this mean? I've only been trying for like 3 months and really don't know what to look for.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Are you sure you ovulated on the 28th? Cramping could be a symptom of ovulation. Cramping could be a symptom of ovulation. More on that here. - (Aug 29, 2016)
  23. Louise Sep 01, 2016
    I am taking Clomid (100mg) and having follicle tracking. I ovulated on Friday the 26th or Saturday the 27th of August and I have been having cramps since Sunday, the 28th of August. Endometriosis has been ruled out. What could this mean??
    1. Christina (OC Team): Cramping pain could be a symptom of ovulation, implantation or a menstrual period, depending on where you are in your cycle. After ovulation, implantation is a possibility. Have a look at this article for more information. Good luck. - (Sep 01, 2016)
  24. Blessing Sep 01, 2016
    My last period was August 18, 2 days after I started taking clomid. I have a 30 day cycle. I had sex on the 27th, 29th, 30th. Yesterday, l had camping pain. Could it be implantation?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Could be that your period is coming or it could be implantation. You can read more about implantation here - (Sep 02, 2016)
  25. T Sep 02, 2016
    I always have left side pain during my ovulation with very tender breasts and constipation. What does it mean?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Some women experience symptoms of ovulation. You can learn about them here: - (Sep 02, 2016)
  26. Lilii Sep 03, 2016
    I start my period on the 17th. My cycle lenght is 27 days. I have taken cerophen on the 3rd day of my period. l've felt ovulation cramps from the 1st to the 3rd of Sep. I am feeling cramping again. What does it mean????
    1. Christina (OC Team): It's difficult to say. Possibly ovulation cramps. Have a look at this article on the symptoms of ovulation - (Sep 03, 2016)
  27. Samina Sep 03, 2016
    Hi, I'm cramping 6 days past ovulation for the first time.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Have a look at this article about implantation Good luck! - (Sep 04, 2016)
  28. Samina Sep 04, 2016
    Hi, the first time after ovulation (6days past), I had very bad cramps, but only for a few minutes. Please help me.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Cramping could be a sign of implantation. Have a look at the following article to see whether you may have other signs - (Sep 04, 2016)
  29. Yollenda Sep 05, 2016
    My hubby and I had intercourse on 20/08/2016 and on 21/08/2016. I ovulated on 24/08/2016. Since that, I have cramps and back pain. Is it possible that I may be pregnant? Please help.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Your cramping could be from implantation or menstruation. Have a look at this article to learn more about the signs of each - (Sep 05, 2016)
    2. Veronica: Hello. I had sex during the same time on the 21st of August and have cramps since then, but my cycle length is 28 days. I generally ovulate in the middle. Do you know what it is? - (Sep 08, 2016)
    3. Christina (OC Team): If you had sex within your fertile window, and it seems as though you did, there's a chance you are pregnant. Only a test can confirm. Good luck! - (Sep 09, 2016)
  30. Samina Sep 05, 2016
    And today started cramps in my left side and right side. No other sign right now.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Try also using an OPK or charting BBT to track ovulation. You can learn more about BBT charting here - (Sep 05, 2016)
  31. Ay Sep 05, 2016
    I have been trying to conceive for 8 months but really just started monitoring my ovulation last month with this app. A few months back, April precisely, I would often have sharp pains on the right side of my tummy to my leg. I have checked with my doctor, done scans and tested but nothing was found. I was given antibiotics which seems to always subside the pain.
    Now this month again, I felt this pain. I noticed this sharp pulling pain that starts around my fertile window and when I am actively intimate with my husband. It's a sharp pulling pain that comes on and off and sometimes am thinking fertilization just took place. I have really been hopeful in my 2WW to test today as suggested by ovulation calculator but then i woke up with AF this morning which has got me all sad and moody.

    Please, what causes sharp pulling pains on the right side of the stomach? It goes from the pelvic side down to the leg and sometimes comes with a lower back ache just around fertile window period. That is before I ovulate until AF starts?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Some women experience cramping pain during ovulation. You can have a look at this article for more information on the symptoms of ovulation: I would suggest talking to your doctor again about the sharp pulling pains. Good luck! - (Sep 05, 2016)
  32. CHy Sep 05, 2016
    I had my period on the 20th of August to 22nd and I have a 28-day cycle. I started my ovulation on the 2nd of this month, but before the 2nd, I was having lower abdominal pain. I made love on the 23rd, 25th and 29th of last month and we also made love during my ovulation. But I am having pain in my left abdomen. Am I pregnant and is my ovulation day correct?
    1. Christina (OC Team): To be sure of your ovulation day, try charting BBT. More on that here: Only a test can confirm pregnancy. Good luck! - (Sep 06, 2016)
  33. Samina Sep 06, 2016
    I want tell you something. Before, when my cycle started, I had period cramps. This time, nothing yet. I have 6 days left until my period starts.
    1. Christina (OC Team): You still have a good amount of time before your period. You may begin to notice the symptoms as it gets closer. - (Sep 06, 2016)
  34. Katie Sep 06, 2016
    My husband and I are trying for our second child. I think I ovulated on the 1st of Sept. We DTD on the 30th and Aug 1st, and on the 3rd. Right after the 3rd, I had a slight brownish/ pink discharge that lasted for about 2 whips, and I had ovary cramping on one side. It only lasted one day. Now on the 5th and 6th, my ovaries are cramping again, plus I had breast tenderness for a week. Could I be pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Implantation usually occurs about a week after ovulation, so your cramping at 3DPO is a bit early. Still, have a look at this article for more symptoms of implantation. - (Sep 06, 2016)
  35. Jess Sep 06, 2016
    I ovulated on the 1st of September and I am feeling lower abdominal cramping. My period isn't due for 11 more days. What could this be?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Have a look at this article about implantation Good luck! - (Sep 07, 2016)
  36. Jess Sep 07, 2016
    Hi, so I ovulated on the 1st of September. The last 2 days, I have been having these crampy feelings in my lower abdomen. It would be september 5th and 6th when they occurred. My period is suppose to be here in 10 days. What does this cramping mean? I have been very moody, my boobs hurt and I have been craving chocolate, but I normally don't get crazy or start being moody until the day before my period.
    1. Christina (OC Team): It sounds like implantation is a possibility. Have a look at this article for more information. - (Sep 07, 2016)
  37. Ify Sep 07, 2016
    I had my period on the 3rd of September - 7th of September. My cycle is 29 days. When am I supposed to ovulate and have sex with my partner? We hope to get pregnant with a baby boy.
    1. Christina (OC Team): If you log your cycle dates into your account here at Ovulation Calculator, you will get a prediction of your fertile window. Good luck! - (Sep 07, 2016)
  38. Onoja Sep 07, 2016
    I had my period on August 27th and am having waist pain today. I want to know the exact time to get pregnant.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Try adding your cycle dates into your account here to get a prediction of when you will ovulate. Good luck! - (Sep 07, 2016)
  39. Shontavia Sep 07, 2016
    I just need a better understanding. So I had sex last night on the 3rd of September, 2016, and in the early morning of the 4th. Ovulation Calculator says I should ovulate around the 6th of September. But I have been having back aches, hip pain/tenderness and cramps ever since the 4th. I just wonder if I could be pregnant, and if not, what's the weird feelings? Oh, I also went to work today and my back and hip still hurts.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Ovulation Calculator will give you a prediction based on your cycle dates and information. If you want to know exactly when you ovulate, you should use a physical method to track, such as BBT charting or OPKs. If you log your results into your account here, your prediction should update and become more accurate. So if you are showing signs of ovulation now (cramping), you may be ovulating later than your prediction. Have a look at this article for the signs and symptoms of ovulation - (Sep 08, 2016)
  40. Kelly Sep 08, 2016
    Hi there! I have a 25 day cycle I ovulated on Sept 5th and had sex on the 3rd, 4th and 6th. And today, the 8th, I'm having really strong cramping there. Had to stop walking because it was pretty intense. Could this be pregnancy or implantation?
    1. Christina (OC Team): It's a bit early for implantation, and any cramping from this is usually light. You can learn more about implantation here. - (Sep 08, 2016)
  41. Shaheer Sep 09, 2016
    My periods started on the 25th of August. On the 5th of September, my hsg of right tube was done. I did bd(intercourse) on the 8th of Sep. Today, I feel pain in my right side (lower portion). I am taking antibiotics also. Please guide me......
    1. Christina (OC Team): Do you know if/when you ovulated? - (Sep 10, 2016)
  42. Vers Sep 10, 2016
    Menstruation started on the 15th of August and my cycle is 31 days. I had sex on the 31st of August, 1st of Sept and 2nd of Sept. Is it possible for me to get pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): It is possible if you were in your fertile window when you had sex. The only way to know this would be to track ovulation. You can get started with a prediction by entering your cycle dates in your account here. Good luck! - (Sep 10, 2016)
  43. Vers Sep 10, 2016
    Couldn't understand your response clearly. Could you please be precise?
    1. Christina (OC Team): In order to get pregnant, you must have sex within your fertile window. This means that you should know when your fertile window takes place. Have a look at this article for a deeper explanation And you can also use your Ovulation Calculator account to get a prediction of when your fertile window will be. Just fill out as much as you can in the "Me" section. I hope that helps! - (Sep 11, 2016)
  44. Eve Sep 10, 2016
    Hi, I always had a 28-day regular cycle until January. I always thought I was pregnant but would later get disappointed. Then, I decided I had an irregular period. I thought a yeast infection was the cause, then I treated it. I thought it was completely gone but no. I still had another irregular period. I went for a test and was told I had a hormonal imbalance. I started eating well, sleeping early and taking pills since I was ttc, in July. I had my period 6-8 of Aug and totaly treated that infection. I seemed to ovulate on the 16-17, and I had sex on midnight of the 28th. I got my period again that morning, but it came normally only on the 29th, scanty on the 30th, nothing on the 31st (didn't know what to think). I made love on the 2nd. Noticed thick cloudy stretchy discharge after bowel movements between Aug. 4-6 and my chart said fertile between 6-11. Made love on the 10th and waited for 30mins before a warm bath. I wiped my vj and noticed clear stretchy discharge. I don't know if it's sperm or my ewcm. I had bad but mild cramping 10hrs after. Do you think I have a chance at ovulation? Or if I have ovulated, a chance at pregnancy? Pls help.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Irregular cycles can make tracking ovulation a bit tricky, but it's not impossible. Try using OPKs or taking a closer look at cervical mucus and position throughout your cycle. Here's an article that may help: As for this cycle, we don't really have enough information to know whether you were ovulating on the 10th. I'd suggest taking a test if AF doesn't show in two weeks. Good luck! - (Sep 11, 2016)
  45. JEnny Sep 11, 2016
    Hi. I ovulated Thursday or Friday. I know it's much too early for implantation. But my left side (pelvic area near hip bone) is a little cranky and slightly tender to the touch, nothing major and probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't ttc, could this be the side I ovulated from? Maybe the corpus leutum?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Is it possible that you ovulated later? How are you tracking? Have a look at this article for more info on ovulation signs - (Sep 12, 2016)
  46. Zarine Sep 11, 2016
    My cycle is 28 days. I started my period on the 18th of August and had sex after my mps. That's on the 25th and again on the 2nd of September. I am feeling like I have cramps in my lower abdomen. What could be the problem?
    1. Christina (OC Team): If you had sex in your fertile window, it could be a sign of implantation. Otherwise, it could be a sign that your period is coming. If AF doesn't show on time, I'd suggest taking a test. Good luck! - (Sep 12, 2016)
  47. Shawnta Sep 12, 2016
    Hi, I've been worried but.. Ok, let me just start from the beginning. My last period started on the 19 of Aug. Having a cyst on my ovaries is very scary, but I believe i ovulated between the 30th-3. Last week, for about 2 days, I felt cramps, which never happens before my period. Since then, I've been feeling sick on and off as if I need to vomit. Yesterday, I had sex twice thinking it would bring my period on, but all I got was some pink stuff. What's going on? Someone, please help.
    1. Christina (OC Team): This sounds like it could be from implantation, but if you are concerned, please talk to your doctor. - (Sep 12, 2016)
  48. Rochelle Sep 14, 2016
    I had my period on August 22nd. I ovulated on Sep 7th and had sex that day. I started cramping every day after that. Can I be pregnant?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Any pregnancy-related cramping usually doesn't begin until implantation, which happens a bit later. So it's difficult to say whether your cramping is pregnancy-related, but if you had sex in your fertile window, pregnancy is a possibility. Good luck! - (Sep 14, 2016)
  49. Kimmie Sep 15, 2016
    I have a 25 day cycle. My period came on Sept. 1st. It completely stopped on the 6th. I had sex on the 10th. I took an opk on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Monday being the lightest result). Did I ovulate Saturday? And could I be pregnant from having sex just one time during my fertile phase?
    1. Christina (OC Team): You didn't mention the results of your OPK tests. Did you get a strong positive result after Monday? - (Sep 16, 2016)
    2. Kimmie: I got a strong result Friday and Saturday. Sunday was a little lighter than other line. Monday was really light. - (Sep 16, 2016)
    3. Kimmie: Does that help at all? I sure hope so? - (Sep 16, 2016)
    4. Christina (OC Team): A peak positive OPK will tell you that you are about to ovulate soon, usually within 12-48 hours. Unfortunately, it cannot tell you the exact date of ovulation. If you want to know this, the best way is to chart BBT. You could have ovulated on Saturday, but it's not possible to say for sure. Yes, you can get pregnant from having sex once within your fertile phase. It only takes one good sperm! Good luck! - (Sep 17, 2016)
  50. Arpitha Sep 16, 2016
    I am a pcos person, so I have an irregular period. We are trying to conceive. My last period was from 24-30 of Aug. My doctor gave me a FSH shot on the 10th of Sep. I also had an hcg shot, and the doctor instructed us to make contact on the 15th. But from the 13th until today, my breasts are tender along with abdominal cramps. Am I pregnant?? Please give me a sufficient reply. Thanks in advance.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Unfortunately, only a test can confirm whether you're pregnant. The symptoms you mention could be early signs of pregnancy, or they could be symptoms of ovulation or menstruation, depending on where you are in your cycle. Good luck! - (Sep 16, 2016)
  51. Ivy Sep 17, 2016
    Hi, I used mefenamic acid a week before my period because of painful cramps. When my period came, I just saw a little blood for a day and that was all. I usually bleed for 5 days. I tested negative fo pregnancy. My worry is, will I ovulate this cycle?
    1. Christina (OC Team): I would suggest waiting a few days and testing again. - (Sep 17, 2016)
  52. Olajumoke Sep 21, 2016
    I usually have cramps during my ovulation, but according to the ovulation calendar, my ovulation was the 3rd of September. The cramps started on the 4th and ended the 6th. it's usually a sharp pain for few minutes, especially at night, and may occur 3 times in a day within that period. What may be the cause or does it mean my ovulation was between 4th and 6th? This has been happening for some years now.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Are you tracking ovulation in another way? Ovulation Calculator will give you a prediction, but this will become more accurate as you log information about your cycle, so it may be possible that you ovulated later. I'd suggest using a physical method to track, such as OPKs or charting BBT. - (Sep 21, 2016)
  53. Veronica Sep 21, 2016
    Christina, about how long after intercourse during ovulation should you expect implantation bleeding or cramping to occur?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Usually between 6 and 12 days past ovulation. - (Sep 21, 2016)
  54. Angela Sep 22, 2016
    I have a 27-day cycle. My last period was on September 11th -15th. On the OC, it's says I'm in my fertile period now, but ovulation will be on the 23rd. Today, on the 22nd, I started having abdominal cramps on the right side. I always have this on my 'supposed' ovulation day. Does this mean I already ovulated, ovulating now, or it's coming later?
    1. Christina (OC Team): Cramping is a sign of ovulation, but it's not a reliable way to tell exactly when you're ovulating. It's possible that you ovulated on the 22nd, but I cannot say for certain. - (Sep 22, 2016)
  55. Eman Sep 23, 2016
    I had clomid 50 for 5 days then the pregnyl 5000 shot on the 12th day of my cycle. At 5 days after the shot, I experienced cramps for 2 days. Now, it's gone but I'm bloated.
  56. Rechara Sep 26, 2016
    I took an opk yesterday for the first time in my fertility window and it was positive. Since logging that, OC changed my ovulation date to today. We had intercourse yesterday after seeing the positive high lh. Before sex, I was achy in the low andomen, and i also felt the aches with deep penatration. The aching subsided overnight. Could this have been ovulation? I took a opk again this morning and it was negative. I'm wondering if i ovulated early.
    1. Christina (OC Team): The achiness could have been from ovulation, and you could have ovulated yesterday or today. The important thing is to have sex within your fertile window, and it sounds like you did that. Good luck! - (Sep 26, 2016)
  57. Kelly Sep 26, 2016
    Hi. I had cramps and tender breasts around ovulation day and on the day, I felt sharp shooting pain. Then, no pain the day after.
    I am now 4dpo and on 2
    1. Christina (OC Team): It sounds like those may have been normal symptoms of ovulation. Have a look at this article - (Sep 26, 2016)
    2. Kelly: I think it cut off most of what I wrote here. - (Sep 27, 2016)
    3. Christina (OC Team): It does seem that way. Try your comment again. - (Sep 27, 2016)
  58. Jane Sep 27, 2016
    I had my period on the 1-3rd of September. And I ovulate on the 14-16. From the 19th, I felt this cramping pain. Today is 27 already. Could it be that I'm pregnant or my period will still come? Please help me. I really need to get pregnant. I have been trying for the past 4 months now. I'm 28 years old.
    1. Christina (OC Team): Cramping could be a sign of implantation, but the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. Good luck! - (Sep 27, 2016)
  59. Naa Sep 28, 2016
    I menstruated on the 10th of September and had sex on the 21, 22 and 24th of September. I have been having pains in my abdomen from the 26th of this month. What could it be, please?
    1. Christina (OC Team): It could be from ovulation. Have a look at this article - (Sep 28, 2016)

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